Post Operative Pain Management

The treatment of Post Operative Pain with a PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) infusion pump requires a safe, trouble-free infusion system without frequent unnecessary alarms and a trustworthy history back up. Easy Infusion Set installation and priming, risk-free programming and patient mobility also contribute significantly to the success of the treatment. Moreover, the use of opioids (via IV or Subcutaneous routes) requires close monitoring of the infusion both inside the hospital and at home.

Micrel offers the new Rythmic™ Evolution pumps to fit all these needs. Their features match fully, and even exceed, the expected safety, reliability and comfort required by medical staff and patients.

In addition, continuous epidural / PCEA, peripheral nerve blocks and wound infiltration analgesia commonly require the use of pre-filled large standard capacity bags. Improved management of these large bags, that are commonly hanging beside the infusion pump and associated accessories (sets, pole clamp, hand set, power supply etc) is needed. Patients are also becoming more mobile in their recovery period.

To address these needs, Micrel offers the Rythmic™ Evolution Yellow colour coded pumps to optimize all the components of infusion analgesia, providing full mobility for the patient with a safe and reliable device.

Furthermore, for all types of post operative treatment, the ability to remotely control and monitor the infusion status via MicrelCare represents a high value service for clinicians not only for internal hospital use but also because it allows a quicker discharge of patients from hospital back home. Through MicrelCare, bolus history, recorded pain level (VAS) and infusion graphs are shown on the internet as well as infusion history and pain evolution.


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